Freeze!! Why do Computers Freeze?

This might be the most annoying thing to any computer user! When a PC freezes, most users think of all sorts of things and utter all sorts of curse words.  Some even tend to tolerate other bad situation like being next to a sick colleague, than to have their PC freeze or crash.

What Most Users Do When Their PC Freezes:

  • Hitting the computer;
  • Yelling at the computer;
  • Sweet-talking the computer into coughing up any lost data;
  • Some just resign to the loss of the data
  • Very few contact support

angry because computer froze

Main Reasons Why The PC Freezes:

Let’s answer the questions ‘Why does my computer freeze’?

The reasons why a computer freezes are either hardware or software-related.

Hardware-related Reasons:

  • Faulty motherboard
  • Faulty or corrupted hard disk drives
  • Poor or faulty memory chips;
  • Low hard disk space causing virtual memory allocation failure
  • Low power or poor regulation from an aged computer
  • Overheating of the CPU, motherboard or power-supply unit

Software-related Reasons:

  • Spyware and/or malware attacks
  • Poor or compromised installation of windows Operating System
  • Corrupted Windows registry
  • Forcing the computer to shut down during a critical system registry disk saving event
  • Faulty device drivers, especially video and motherboard chipset drivers
  • Left-over device drivers from previous hardware since removed from the computer

Other reasons as to why a computer freezes.

  • You have poor ventilation
  • You do not have enough memory installed
  • Your PC requires disk defragmentation
  • You are running too many programs (at once)
  • You have compatibility issues
  • You have malfunctioning hardware

frozen computer

What to Do When the PC Freezes:

  • Run a virus scan
  • Uninstall programs you no longer need
  • Close some applications
  • Defragment your hard disk
  • Clean up your registry
  • Use the scheduled maintenance tool
  • Open your computer’s case and dust it out
  • Format your hard disk and reinstall your operating system
  • Downgrade to a lower operating system

Treat your PC like you would like to be treated.

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