Programming Languages

In recent years, computer programming has become a popular industry in the world. Programming involves the generation of an algorithm, in a process called coding, using programming languages to generate a solution to a computer problem. Programming therefore requires expertise and the knowledge of the aforementioned programming languages.

A programming language will therefore communicate instructions to a computer. The best computer language for a specific task will be chosen to address it. The languages used are based on several factors including company policy, suitability to task, availability of third-party packages, or individual preferences.

There are thousands of programming languages today. Here are ten of them and how suitable each is in a particular situation:



It is one of the most widely used programming language today. The main reason for this is because of its favorable option for client-server web applications. There are approximately 9 million Java developers in the world.



It is a high-level programming language. It is widely used because it allows programmers to express concepts in fewer lines of code.



It is an emerging programming language and a top choice for for tech startups. It is fully open-sourced and has a large community, whose popularity, as already stated, keeps rising.



You can refer JavaScript as Java’s younger sibling. It is less popular than Java. This is majorly because JavaScript is run only on a browser. Java however can run on a virtual machine or on a browser.



This is a general-purpose programming language that has been around since the early 1980’s. Due to its generality, it is used for many system programming situations.



This is the oldest and most popular programming language. It dates back to the 1970’s and so many of the existing programming languages have borrowed form C. They include Java, JavaScript and Python



This one is for the maths aficionados. It is a language widely used by statisticians for developing data analysis and statistical software.



This language is relatively new. It, being an evolution of C and C++, is gaining popularity and has a diverse variety of programming styles. It was designed to build a wide range of enterprise applications that run on the Microsoft .Net Framework.

Visual Basic .Net:


This is another language of the .Net Framework. It uses statements to specify actions, and is used generally for commercial purposes.


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