Is the Smartphone Ruining your Life?

The smartphone is a great technological device. It is impossible to live away from this device in this day and age. We get so much out of it than we could ever do ten years ago. Check your calendar, sort out your to-do list, read a religious book, listen to your favorite songs, go online and check something out or visit your social media pages and so much more.


The problem that has arose is that we have decided to overuse this device and unknowingly, we are becoming addicts as well as putting our own bodies at risk of serious medical conditions.

Text Neck:

The condition arises due to too much bowing of the head as you look at your smartphone. The result is a tightness in the shoulder region as well as the back of the neck. Watch this video for more on neck strains and sprains.


Sore Back:

Again, from too much leaning as you look at your smartphone, hurts both the upper back as well as the lower back. Too much of this affects the muscles that follow the spine.

Throbbing Thumb:

There may be a case of overworking some tiny muscles that are located in your hands that control the thumb, during swiping or typing on the smartphone


Achy Fingers:

Wrapping the fingers on the smartphone for too long has resulted in some symptoms of arthritis.

Arm Pains:

Pain in your muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves are highly expected due to too much clutching of the phone throughout the day. It is highly possible to experience shooting pains in the wrist and forearm

What Now?

The obvious solution is to reduce the time one uses on the phone. Put it down and pick it up a little less times than you do now. Going offline for a while is another option. Cut down the addiction by leaving the phone back at home as you walk out. Spend more time in nature than on your phone.

Do not let the phone take over your life or family.


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