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You might ask yourself, ‘what is digital health?’ Well, it loosely means the physical and psychological well-being in the digital and technological world. As you engage yourself in the day-to-day usage of digital devices and technology, ‘how much is too much?’ You need to keep your mind and body safe and healthy as you use technological and digital devices.

As I wrote in my previous blog post on how the digital devices could be harming your eyes, it is worth to note that eyes are not the only body parts that are affected negatively with prolonged usage of digital devices. About 6 out of 10 people (60%) experience health issues related to the use of technology or sitting at a desk. Here is how the use of smartphones might be harming your body.


Internet Addiction:

Internet addiction is just like any other kind of addiction. So much time is used on the internet for things like internet gaming, where kids are spending huge amounts of time playing them. This type of addiction takes away time that should be used to study and engage in social activities. Much time is used on the internet than away from it.


Results of Internet Addiction:

The more time a person uses over the internet than away from it may cause the said person to:

  • Lack sleep;
  • Feel tired throughout the day;
  • Feel separated or out of place when they are away from the internet

What to do:

Create a balance between when using the internet and digital devices, and when living a healthy life.



How much time, or what percentage of about 16 hours of your awake time do you spend:

  • Playing games online: _____
  • Watching television: _____
  • Being in front of the computer: _____
  • Looking at your phone: _____
  • Talking to friends on the phone: _____
  • Staying out of the house for social activities: _____
  • Participating in sports: _____

Better yet: How many times do you unlock your smartphone in, let’s say an hour?: _____


Bottom Line:

It is not wrong to stay indoors or be on the internet all day or on your phone all the time…some people make money over these devices and amenities. However, it wouldn’t kill anyone to put the phone down or step away from the PC or switch off the internet for some hours in a day. Just manage your time wisely and spend more time engaged elsewhere than staying addicted to technology. We can reduce the effect of some ailments by just stepping away from these devices.


Post Author: Mũigai Mũya

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