Programming Languages

In recent years, computer programming has become a popular industry in the world. Programming involves the generation of an algorithm, in a process called coding, using programming languages to generate a solution to a computer problem. Programming therefore requires expertise and the knowledge of the aforementioned programming languages. A programming language will therefore communicate instructions to […]


Digital images fill up our computers, social media sites and web pages. These images, take up several file types. Some may be PNG’s, GIF’s, JPEG’s or several others. However, do you know what these file types are, what they mean, and when you should use them? Consider the following before uploading or saving a digital […]

The Microsoft Surface Studio

Microsoft, the tech giants have done it again. In late October 2016, they released the Surface Studio. The Microsoft Surface Studio “turns your desk into a studio”. The Surface Studio is Microsoft’s first desktop computer. It combines elements of the Microsoft Surface tablet line with the features of a traditional computer. Specifications: The strikingly large and incredibly […]